Currently I am offering a FREE 45 min strategy session. 

Basically I will ask a series of strategic questions that get to the core of your struggles.  We identify the significant and sometimes unknown blocks that keep you held back. 

At the end of this session you will have 3 action steps for you to move forward to better health. 

We can determine if my coaching experience that I offer will be a good fit for you.  There is never any pressure.  For those of you who know me, know that I am not pushy at all and It is my goal for you ,no matter what you decide, that you walk away from this session empowered and ready to implement some steps to improving your health. 

This is Simply an opportunity to share with you my expert help and knowledge that you can use to start a journey to better health.  


This session is completely FREE of charge and FREE of any obligation to become a client of my Program.

This will be an opportunity for both of us to see if my coaching would be a good fit. 

Some examples of things discussed in our strategy call…..

What will we discuss during my Strategy Session?

Here’s an example of a few things we can discuss during your free session:

  • Learn what your biggest struggles are with your health and what has been sabotaging your healthy goals.
  • Learn what possible hidden challenges and blocks you have been running into; stopping you from reaching your goals.
  • Learn why diets don’t work and how they can be harmful.
  • Teach you a few reason why most people fail with their healthy goals.
  • Learn 3 questions to believe and ask yourself to build long term success.
  • Learn a few essential elements you will ned to master in order to be healthy and stay healthy not including diet and exercise
  • Learn at least one new tools or action step that you personally can apply right away for immediate benefits.
  • Finally gain the clarity and direction you’ve been searching for;
  • Leave the session with hope and encouragement knowing that you will be successful in finding ways to get healthy and stay healthy.










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