I started doing some research on this because I definitely can say that I am addicted to sugar. 
Some of the questions to determine if you are were…

sugar addiction pngDo you crave a lift from sweets but later experience drop in energy in your mood after ingesting them?
Do you have a family history of diabetes, hyperglycemia or alcoholism?
Are you nervous, jittery, irritable, head-achy or weak throughout the day and calmer after meals?  
Do you experience mental confusion, decreased memory, hard to focus and get unorganized?

And there were more. Most of you know who are addicted to the sweet stuff and not. 
Dr. Hyde and many other medical professionals share that sugar is eight times more addictive then cocaine. 
It is a powerful drug and some of the big food companies sure have figured this one out and capitalized in it. 

Studies have shown that the typical American kid has 32 spoons of sugar a day.  70% of Americans are overweight and 40% of them are kids. 
And all of you reading this probably know all the things that sugar leads to…cancer, diabetes, heart disease and more.  It is a serious problem that we have. 
We have food companies packaging it all pretty, making healthy claims and targeting kids with it. 

Sugar snacks

[blockquote style=”box”]It’s really hard to go on a diet or make a New Year’s resolution and stick with it when everything in you is craving this sweet stuff.   [/blockquote]

In my studies I have found how taking supplements with chromium are extremely effective in stabilizing your blood sugar levels. This is one reason why I have had such success with taking my supplement, the pink drink (plexus Slim).   Its primary ingredient is chromium.

Here are some more suggestions that I am finding that people can implement to really make a difference on busting this addiction and getting healthier and sticking with our healthy goals. 

  1. Clean up. Get rid of those sugary treats in the environments that you can control. In the places you cannot control be prepared.  Have healthy snacks that you can grab instead.  It makes it so much easier when those sugary snacks are not around. 
  1. Don’t replace sugars with artificial sugars. When you taste that sweet stuff your body still is thinking it’s getting something sweet and your cravings will not lesson.  The artificial sweeteners makes it even worse because it ALTERS the way our body metabolizes sugar.  It is also linked to diabetes and other terrible diseases.  Studies with artificial sweeteners done with rats have shown it stimulated their appetite and they all gained weight. It stimulates your taste buds to want more and messes with our hunger hormones.   Stay far away from this.  Anything that says sugar free is almost always sweetened with artificial sweeteners.
  1. Add protein in EVERY meal. Proteins help us feel full and more satisfied.  It keeps our blood sugars more stable.   Foods high in protein release hormones that stimulate fat burning.  I like fat burning!!!!!
  1. Eat healthy fats in EVERY meal. I will give you some ideas at the end of this post.  This helps stop the sugar cravings and provides energy. 
  1. Eat lots of the GOOD CARBS. Veggies are slow acting and won’t spike your blood sugars.  They will fill you up, if you eat enough of them.  STAY AWAY FROM STARCHY VEGGIES FOR 10 DAYS. 
  1. Don’t skip meals. Your blood sugars will crash and you will want to grab that cupcake. 
  1. No dairy, JUST 10 days or longer if you have an allergy to dairy. Dr Hyde, the doctor that has the video “Break the sugar addiction in 10 days” suggests to not eat any dairy for 10 days.  Most dairy has too much sugar in it.  Just look at the sugar in milk.  Some are allergic and don’t do well on dairy some thrive on dairy but we can do anything for 10 days, right?
  1. No liquid sugars. Sodas and JUICES are loaded with sugar.  sugar cube png
  1. Get some ZZZZZZZZ.  People think it is okay to get by with 4 hours of sleep.  Yes we can survive on that but we CANNOT thrive on that.  Not only does at least 7 hours of sleep help your body to restore, it helps your body with having more energy.  When we get fatigued we crave a pick up.  Your body will actually burn more calories with a restful sleep.  You get more done because you have more focus and can concentrate better.  You will actually get MORE DONE when you can think more clearly.  Get the sleep. 
  1. Find a healthy comfort. For many of us sweets bring us comfort.   After having the day we had we need to unwind and reward ourselves.  We don’t want to be deprived and it’s hard to stick with something if we are deprived.  Look for ways that will bring you comfort without wrecking your health goals.   Here are somethings I love to do…. taking a walk on a beautiful evening or day,  a nice scented bath, a delicious healthy meal, getting together and visiting a friend or reading a good book by a cozy fire on a cold day.    

Meal and snack ideas….

Breakfast ideas… eggs, healthy sausage, tofu scramble, hi protein shake using a healthy protein (25 – 30 grams)  It is recommended  to eat within 60 minutes of waking up.

Lunch ideas…Turkey meat lettuce wraps or salads, burritos without the flour tortilla, a big bowl of chili with a tossed green veggie salad.  Have ¼ of an avocado or some healthy olive oil vinaigrette.   

Healthy fats…avocados, raw nuts, coconut oil, olive oil, seeds.  Almond butter and other nut butters, YUM! 

Veggies…Experts recommend 4 to 6 cups a day so an example would be like filling up a quart milk carton.   Eat lots of green leafy veggies. 

Snack ideas…granny smith apple (tart apples best) with nut butter, celery with nut butter, nitrate free turkey jerky, hardboiled egg.  

Dinner ideas… Fish or chicken with a tossed green salad.  Green leafy

Lets BREAK this addiction!   Let’s do this. 

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