Hello friends. My name is Maria Cronk. I am an entrepreneur, wife and mom of 3 awesome grown up kids.


I have always been interested in living healthy but my love for sugar and food has created many hurdles with weight. I grew up with my Italian traditions; food being a huge part of celebrating life.

I have always had a very big appetite and craved sugars constantly. It is so hard to eat clean when everything in you is screaming for sugar. Even after 90 day challenges of eating clean I would still have cravings for sugars.
I have been on every diet known to mankind and fitness challenge. I was a yoyo with my diets and fitness challenges since high school. When I turned 49 my weight loss challenges and fitness plans wer not getting the weight off like it had in the past. It slowly started to pack on and on.

I was blessed May of 2013 to be introduced to a natural plant based product Nick Named..”pink drink”.  This “pink drink” is and organic product that was originally made for type 2 diabetics. It was created to help balance their blood sugar levels and help them get off dependency of insulin.

I am not diabetic but heard this was very effective for weight loss. Taking the “pink drink” was the first time something actually drastically reduced my sugar cravings. I was on cloud 9. I noticed my appetite was drastically reduced as well. This was huge for me.

The ENERGY early on went through the roof.
Over a period of 5 months I went DOWN 20lbs and 4 dress sizes.

before after me

This has given me that extra willpower and desire I need to choose healthier foods and has motivated me to be active and eat clean.  So now I am on a mission to completely rid my sugar cravings and get to my goal weight by eating clean and by keeping active.  

I am on a mission to empower others to get HEALTHY and WEALTHY. It brings me so much joy to know that I have inspired others to break though the fears and barriers that hold them back from getting the life they want.

Enjoy my healthy, DELICIOUS and simple recipes, Inspiration, tips and reviews on supplements.

Wishing All Of You Great Health And Happiness!!!!

Why I Started This Blog

Hello Friends.   I wanted to introduce myself and share why I started my blog and my fan page on Facebook.  My family was my driving factor.  To hear the details check out my YouTube Video here..  

More details?  Click on this link for more details >>>>>>>“The Pink Drink”






My BioWelcome to A Healthy Website. Hello My name is Maria Cronk. I am a holistic health Coach entrepreneur, inspiring others to make lasting changes.

I work with others to take control of their health;  showing them how to stick with it  while creating a realistic plan that works for them.

Enjoy my healthy, delicious and simple recipes, Inspiration & healthy tips.   All the recipes are gluten free, wholesome clean ingredients only.  No refined sugars, flours, oils or chemicals in my recipes.

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