When we are constantly tired, in pain and feel lousy our bodies are trying to tell us, something is wrong. If you are aging, it’s still not normal. 
I am going to share the first basic step on how to improve your gut health naturally. 

[blockquote style=”box”]“All disease starts in the gut” Socrates [/blockquote]

I hear most “Functional”  medical professionals say when their patients come in with chronic health issues they usually start with the digestion, with the gut.  Most of our chronic issues stem from the gut. 

Did you know that 70% of our immune system comes from our gut?  So start with your gut for a Healthier, Energized Lean Body.

[blockquote style=”box”]A healthy gut is a healthy life. [/blockquote]

First basic step to start your journey to a healthier gut.


Step 1 Remove inflammatory foods.

Certain foods will cause inflammation in the gut and will cause an imbalance of flora in your gut.  Removing these foods will help your body to heal.  Our guts need a healthy balance of good and bad flora in order to function at its best. 

Our guts have a special lining that protect you from the toxins that we consume, breathe and produce.  It also helps absorb the nutrition our bodies need to live and thrive.  Certain foods will break down and destroy this protective layer and cause all kinds of havoc in our gut.

Removing these foods is the first step to getting healthier, reducing inflammation and feeling better.

Food culprits-

These foods feed the bad bacteria.  These foods will weaken your immune system and cause inflammation.  The more inflammation, the more you pain and possible weight retention. 
Artificial sweeteners-  Sugar substitutes like Splenda, aspartame, saccharin, sucralose and high fructose corn syrup are some to name a few. 
Refined sugar – This is needed for bad bacteria to thrive.  Cancer cells also thrive in sugar environments.  Watch out for hidden sugars in packaged foods.  It’s is almost everything.  Refined carbohydrates will break down like sugar and many times will be worse that white sugar (like white bread). 

Some examples of these culprits would be the obvious cakes and cookies, but also white rice, bread, potatoes and other simple starchy foods. 

I love the analogy Paleo Magazine uses for sugar.  It is like sugar is like tiny pieces of glass that rip and tear and damage the delicate lining of our gut.  This comprises our immune system and can cause serious health issues; bringing on more inflammation.  

Processed foods – the chemicals in these foods are toxic to our bodies and disrupt the balance of our gut flora and cause damage to the gut lining. Our bodies do not digest these types of foods/chemicals. 

 Food sensitivities– Gluten is one of the most known sensitivities that can cause extensive problems to some more than others. 
Gluten is a protein that has some enzymes that our bodies don’t break down.  Ignoring this can lead to extensive damage.  Soy and dairy are some other foods that can cause harm to some people with sensitivities to these. 

Quality of food
Eating meats free of hormones and antibiotics will help your gut be free of excess chemicals that come in those types of meats.  Grass fed is always the best choice.  Wild catch fish doesn’t have the added GMOS (Genetically modified Organisms) pesticides and other harmful chemicals added in farming fish.  Most fish farming feed fish with GMO corn and soy products. Most fish farming also need to add pesticides to rid the worms and other infections that come up with overcrowding.    

Stay away from harmful oils – vegetable oil, corn oil, canola oil, cottonseed oil, margarine and trans fat added to foods are very toxic, are difficult to digest and cause a rise in food sensitivities for many.

 Eating food closest to it’s natural state is always best.  Example: Healthy oils that our body’s need would be olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oils.

Other Culprits that cause imbalance in our gut. 

Stress- We all know stress can cause all kinds of havoc on the body.  Did you know how closely tied stress is to the gut?  Just like the rest of the body stress that is not dealt with can cause tremendous damage to our body.  We can’t avoid stress but we can control how we handle it.  It is important to find ways and time to manage the stress.  There are many techniques and mindsets that you can adopt consistently to help your body to relax and get rest.  This is vital in order to thrive and be healthy. 

Starting off with removing these inflammatory foods and controlling how you handle Stress is a good start to begin your journey to better health, less pain and great energy. 

The next step is to REPLACE the inflammatory food with gut healing foods and lifestyles that will give your body the power to restore and heal.  

Coming soon – “Post” Powerful foods To Heal Your Gut.

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