What is The Pink Drink?

drink pink drink

People see that I love my pink drink but I still hear from people almost daily who want to know:    


  1. Is it a diet?   NO! 
  2. Do you have to drink meal replacement shakes NO!
  3. Is it a get-skinny-quick-plan? NO!
  4. Do you have to eat diet foods? NO!
  5.  Is it bad for you? NO!  
  6. Is it loaded with unhealthy ingredients and caffeine? NO!!!


Do you crave sugars?
Do you have weight to lose?
Do you have problems regulating your blood sugar levels?
Do you have low energy?

If You Answered Yes To Any Of These, This May Make The Difference In Changing That!

It’s simple…

Pour your pink drink stick pack into water, shake, drink and enjoy.

It’s natural and plant-based.  No chemicals, dyes or weird added stuff added that you can’t pronounce. No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners or no meal replacements.

The “Pink Drink” aka Plexus Slim is a health product first, with weight loss as a side effect.  It is not a diet or quick fix. It was developed to help regulate blood glucose levels.

Your blood sugar controls much more than you realize. Balanced blood sugars help with inflammation in the body, mood, energy, sleep, and your weight!  

Seriously. This little pink drink does wonders!

Products I like to use…

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