😀  🙂 This is just too easy to make.  I always thought this was something difficult to make and something that would take a lot of time.  I was wrong.  This is so simple and I am loving this so much more than store bought.  Cheaper too.

Yogurt is Easy To Make

Ingredients: (brace yourselves this is a long list 🙂 : )   😆 
2 quart of whole organic milk (raw milk works good too)

2 packets of yogurt starter 5 grams each

Add milk to sauce pan with thermometer over medium heat, heat up milk till it reaches a temperature of  180 degrees Fahrenheit.
Once it reaches 180 turn off heat and watch closely as the temperature goes down to 112 degrees.   Immediately add yogurt starter and stir with wooden spoon.  
In medium glass bowl place inside it a strainer.   Place cheese cloth over strainer.  Pour in yogurt and let drain.  The longer you drain, the thicker it becomes.    
When it gets to the consistency you like, place in mason jars or glass bowl and cover with cheese cloth.  Place in warm place for 1 to 3 days.  The more days you go the more tangy it is. 
That’s it.  Enjoy!